Moving Together!

As many of our Ohio Congregations prepare to Re-Gather together, Esther, Vern and I have connected with enough Churches and Church Leaders to know, among the hidden enemy (Coronavirus), there are visual and verbal concerns,  coupled with high stress, among our family of churches in the area of finances!

Simply put, many of our congregations are experiencing a decrease in giving units, resulting in dire financial needs. With many not being able to sustain payroll, benefits and facility related expenses. Nationally, it is estimated that well over 64% of Churches are experiencing unsustainable downward financial trends.

If you are one of these congregations, COGO Ministries is here to help! It is vitally important that we come out of this crisis together, and we move into a new season, post Covid-19, “Together!

If this is you, click on this LINK Our Church Need Help!

In the spirit of Acts 2:44-45 

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