Church Of God Ohio Disaster Relief


Spiritual and emotional assistance while providing physical aid during recovery from a natural disaster.

Equipped with an emergency response supply trailer and some disaster response funds, COGO-DR volunteers:

Travel to the disaster site

Hands on in repairing damage

Help families get back into their homes

Pastor to DR Projects:


Your COGO Disaster Relief Team wants to enable you to lead some of your people in a hands-on experience following a natural disaster. To encourage pastoral participation, we wish to inform you that funds are available to assist with some of your personal travel costs to and from the worksite.

 There are many laypersons who will never serve on a worship team, teach a class or be a good board chair, but they have a heart to serve with their hands in times of natural disasters. The ministry of these individuals is important to the Kingdom and some are waiting to respond to your invitation to join you in the next opportunity to serve.

 Tell Me More:

Pastors or pastor couples are encouraged to tap into the heart of this portion of your congregation by signing up and helping bring a small group of volunteers together either to help meet a need sponsored by COGO Ministries or with a like-minded group of volunteers with another faith-based ministry who are serving an area hit by a natural disaster.

 Current Guidelines: READ MORE


Your disaster relief response is vital to provide families with the care and services they need. Experience has taught us to have $25,000 on-hand for a relief mission. This enables us to serve until we can receive additional funding from congregations across Ohio.

Here’s how your support can help families recover from a disaster:

$10,000 — Helps a family get back into their home
$5,000 — One roof replacement
$1,000 — Emergency enclosure of one house
$500 — Replacement of 2 or 3 windows
$250 — One pre-hung exterior door
$125 — Paint for 2 or 3 rooms
$50 — Emergency tarps

Will you prayerfully consider contributing? Every donation counts!

Better Together. Better with Prayer.

Because of the power of prayer, we ask that you join with us in prayer for the volunteers, the families and their communities affected by natural disasters. May the Lord keep them safe and give us the support we need to fulfill our mission.

Reporting a Disaster

1. If you’re a church member, report the need through a leader within your local Ohio church.
2. If you’re a designated leader, see contacts:

The COGO Office
(740) 747-2916

COGO Disaster Relief Team (COGO-DRT)

Vernon Maddox (Project Coordinator)
Home: (740) 549-1939 | Mobile: (740) 815-5517

Marvin Schooler (COGO-DRT Chair)
Home (740) 733-8380 | Mobile: (740) 859-6511

Upon receiving a request:

1. We make contact with the individual making the request.

2. We send a team of at least two to assess the damage and determine if we can provide the support needed.

3. The assessors report to the COGO-DRT, who makes the final decision. We desire to respond to the request within a week.

MEMO of Understanding

Contact Vernon Maddox
Disaster Relief & Special Project Director

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