Our Vision

To do whatever it takes to effectively share the good news of Jesus, both locally and globally, so that mature disciples are made, biblical leaders are identified, and nurtured; and healthy churches are established and multiplied.

Our God Call(MISSION)

To empower and equip the movement of God in Ohio.

Each and every one of us has a God Call. It’s a unique plan that God has for us in our lives. When we answer our God Call, we make the world we live in better than it was before—and we fulfill the promise of who God made us to be.

At COGO Ministries, our God Call is to help churches grow and thrive. Together, with local pastors and laypersons, we offer guidance, expertise and a range of services that allow them to be fruitful in ministry.

COGO operates under the bylaws established and ratified by the  General Assembly of the Church of God Ohio and is governed by a Board of Directors.