Is your God Call volunteering?

Your Help is needed

You have the opportunity to help families and communities during some of the most desperate and hopeless times of their lives.

It takes a lot of volunteers with a wide range of capabilities and skills to bring help and give hope to those in need.


Guidelines for COGO Volunteer Team

Skills enlistment and sign-up form –  Fix-It-Team

COGO Disaster Relief

COGO-DR brings spiritual and emotional assistance while providing physical aide during recovery from a natural disaster. Equipped with an emergency response supply trailer and some disaster response funds, COGO-DR volunteers:

Travel to the disaster site

Assist in repairing the damage

Help get families back in their homes following a natural disaster

Please prayerfully consider joining a disaster relief mission!

Contact Vernon Maddox
Disaster Relief & Special Project Director

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  • Do you have any certifications or professional capabilities that may be of use to a relief effort (i.e., EMT, CPR, Electrician, Contractor, etc.)?
  • Is there anything else you would like us to know about your volunteer interests or capabilities?